The Farm Ontario team has decades of farming and farm sales experience across Southwestern and Eastern Ontario to help with your farm sales.

Decades of farming experience with an award winning sales approach: this team understands farm sellers because we have been there personally. We appreciate the complexities of the decision to sell and the questions that come along with selling a farm or country property. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help answer the tough questions and navigate you through the selling process with a focus on ensuring you end up with the most in your pocket after the sale. Our goal is to make the experience stress-free and even enjoyable.


Core values + expert marketing & negotiating.

  • Consistent & Reliable Communication
  • A Trusted and Recognized Brand in Ag
  • Decades of Experience – We Know the Market!
  • Expert Negotiators – Thousands of Deals Done
  • A Full Team Approach: We All Work for You
  • The Best Social Media Reach in our Market
  • Over 25,000 Flyers Driving Buyers to your Farm
  • Ads in the Ontario Farmer, Farmers Forum & More
  • We Still go Door to Door in Your Local Market!
  • Professional Drone, Video & Photography

The Right Price

Pricing is paramount!  We work together to determine the true value of your property. We will share our educated opinion and research to help decide upon a price together that will generate the most interest and in turn the best selling price. Our analysis on value takes into account your specific farm, local real estate sales but also trends in the agricultural market and trends in your immediate area. We want to ensure you get the highest value from your farm so we take pricing very seriously – you want us to!

Marketing the Farm

Masters of marketing! Your farm will only sell for the highest possible value if buyers know it is for sale and like what they see. Sounds simple, right? It has taken us years to develop a farm-specific marketing system that uses video, social media, websites, print and face-to-face meetings to ensure we get your farm the promotion and exposure that it deserves. We are experts at marketing farms to farm buyers, its a unique advantage others cannot offer the way FarmOntario can.

Our Brand Helps You

Our website is the most searched farm real estate website in Southwestern Ontario and with more than 80% of buyers checking the web first when looking for a farm, this is a part of your marketing strategy that you can’t afford to miss. Thousands follow us on Facebook and Instagram and over 1,000 farm sellers and buyers have trusted us to help with their farm sale or purchase. It’s a brand we have worked hard to build over the last decade and a brand that will help your farm sell.

Negotiating for You

Farm deals can be complicated. There are dozens of items that make up a sale, not just the price. We listen to what you need and negotiate the right conditions for you which can be the difference between a great deal or one that you aren’t happy with. We do this everyday and because of that we won’t miss the details that help you secure a deal you are happy with! 

Your farm is a major investment. When it’s time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional real estate agent. If you’d like to discuss your farm sale today, please contact us anytime.